Workshop Chairman: Victor CIUPINĂ,

Rector of Ovidius University, President of the Balkan Physical Union

Workshop Honorary Chairman: Vasile CNDEA,
President of the Academy of Romanian Scientists

Workshop Co-Chairman: Nicolae ZAMFIR,

President of the Romanian Physical Society

Workshop Co-Chairman: Horia ALEXANDRU,
President of the Crystal Growth Society, University of Bucharest


Ovidius University of Constanta,
aculty of Physics, Chemistry, Electronics and Petroleum Technology

Balkan Physical Union

Academy of Romanian Scientists

University of Bucharest
Faculty of Physics

Romanian Physical Society

Romanian Materials Society
Crystal Growth Society


Organizing Committee
M. Arik, Balkan Physical Union
V. Candea, Academy of Romanian Scientists
A. Sandulescu, Academy of Romanian Scientists
E. Burzo, Romanian Academy,
N. Zamfir, Romanian Physical Society

E. Polychroniadis, Hellenic Physical Society
M. Popovic, Serbian Physical Society

M. Pavelescu, Academy of Romanian Scientists
M. Popescu, INFM Bucharest

V.V. Grecu, Romanian Physical Society
D. Grecu, Romanian Physical Society
F. Dumitrache, INFLPR Bucharest

C. Petrescu, ICPE Bucharest
I. Stamatin, University of Bucharest
F. Stanculescu (Univ. Bucharest)

Local Organizing Committee
M. Girtu, Ovidius University
I.M. Stanescu, Ovidius University
R. Vladoiu, Ovidius University

F. Moscalu, Ovidius University
C. Oprea, Ovidius University
L. Petcu, Ovidius University
M. Belc, Ovidius University
C.I Oprea, Ovidius University
A. Danisor, Ovidius University
V. Ionescu, Ovidius University

J. Lungu, Ovidius University